Case Study: Climate Rangers


Project Overview: For our “Design for Good” project my team decided to focus on climate change with the goal of educating and motivating people to change their behaviors.

Problem Statement:

Climate change is bad for human health, impacts our water supply & agriculture, causes extreme weather, and more. According to Yale, 63% of Americans believe in global warming, however many Americans: 
• Do not understand why it’s an issue
• Lack knowledge about climate change
• Unsure what they can do to help
How can we provide an easily accessible online location for people to find resources about climate change and sustainability?

We researched this topic to better understand people’s behaviors when it comes to recycling and sustainable living practices. Ultimately, we decided to design an on-line quiz to provide users with simplified, accurate information and resources on how to reduce their carbon footprint.

UX Research Methods

We wanted to understand the reasons behind why U.S. citizens aren’t taking the steps to better help the planet to combat climate change despite many believing that it is an issue. We also want to figure out what roadblocks U.S. citizens run into when trying to make sustainable changes that may prevent them from continuing to make these changes.

Surveys Form & Interviews

These are the following questions we wanted to have answered?
1) Do people believe in climate change and believe it’s an issue?
2) How educated are people on climate change?
3) What sustainable practices do users currently and want to partake in/learn more about?
1) Most respondents believe in climate change and that it’s an issue
2) Not confident in their knowledge and were unsure where to start
3) About half of respondents believe change needs to come from their communities and the government.

Earth First-Google Survey
Climate Rangers Presentation Survey Results-Pie Chart
Climate Rangers Survey Results
Climate Rangers Interview Screening
Climate Rangers Interview Research Results


Affinity Maps & Matrix

Supporting Local Sustainable Businesses

Climate Rangers Affinity Map-Support Business

Attending Town Halls and Local Meetings

Climate Rangers Presentation-Town Hall Meetings

Contacting Local and State Officials

Climate Rangers Affinity Map Contacting Local Government
Climate Change Matrix


How can we provide an easily accessible online location for people to find resources about climate change and sustainability?

  1. Decision to create a website or an app.
  2. Focus on finding resources (links & info) based on the results from our survey and interviews.
  3. Logotype and Design
  4. UI Design (wireframes, prototype, final design).



Earth First Website Site Map
Earth First Website-User FlowEarthFirstQuiz


Compost Quiz-Main Page
Compost Quiz-Q1
Compost Quiz Results


With my design I created the slogan “Knowledge is Power” and sub header “Saving our planet one question at at time. I used the style guide color scheme to guide my layout, navigation imagery. I wanted to create a simple quiz containing 5 questions per each category along with a progress bar to show the user where they are in the quiz. Upon completion of each category the user will be taken to the quiz results and give the user the opportunity to go to the next category quiz. The final results are shown when the user completes all 4 quizzes.

Earth First-Home Page
Earth First-Quiz - Compost Question 5
Earth First-Compost Quiz-Final Results
Earth First-Site Quiz - Final Results


Our goal was to find a way to provide education on climate change and sustainability in a user friendly and engaging format. Interactive quizzes provided a fun, welcoming way to learn and to spark interest in wanted to partake in sustainable practices. We want to make sure users retain the information presented to them in the quiz. Through our usability testing, we found that users enjoyed testing their knowledge and learning about climate change. Our final goal is to make an imprint on our users to take what they learned and apply it to their everyday lives.