Problem Statement

The goal was to create a new palette containing colors that were cohesive and had meaning to the brand. The logo’s imagery had to be consistent with core values of this organization.

Key Deliverables


Ruach Milwaukee Inc. - Style Tile

Style Guide

Ruach Milwaukee Inc. - Style Tile

Logo Designs

Current Logo

Ruach Milwaukee Inc. Logo

Logo Re-Design

Ruach Milwaukee Inc. Logo

Key Takeaways

The use of a moodboard to help shape the color palette was instrumental in this re-branding project. The imagery helped to set the tone for what the new logo required. The founding principles of this non-profit needed to be highlighted in this logo while highlighting what services are being offered. The next steps for this project is to integrate this new re-branding solution within the organization’s marketing materials such as annual reports, website, flyers and more.

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