Art Gallery

Multicolor Waves I - 12x12
Multi-color I Waves (12″x12″) Watercolor – $225
Flower Fireworks
“Flower Fireworks” (12″x12″) Mixed Media on Canvas
Blue Yellow Waves - Adria Willenson Art
“Blue Yellow Waves” (12″x12″) Watercolor
Carnation Detail
“Carnation Detail” (16″x20″) Acrylic on Canvas $225
Red Gold Waves - Adria Willenson
“Red, Gold Waves” (12″x12″) Watercolor – $225
Adria Willenson-Geometic Design- Guitar for Vets
Dahlia Pattern
“Dahlia Pattern” (16″x20″) Mixed Media on Canvas – $225

If you would like to contact me about a commissioned work of art or any items available for sale, my information is below:
e: [email protected] or p: (262) 853-5782.