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My approach to design and working with clients is through a collaborative, team approach.
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Mission Forward Logo Design
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World Shoppe
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Ryan Immigration Law
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The Junction At 144th
The Junction At 144th Logo Design
Adria Rose Design
Adria Rose Design
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Pat's Coffee - Instagram Ad
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Adria Rose Designs

About Adria Rosenthal Willenson

Since my childhood, I have had a deep appreciation for nature which has served as a constant theme throughout my artwork. As I live on a partially wooded lot within walking distance of Lake Michigan, I find daily inspiration which greatly influences my work. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed working in many mediums including watercolor, oil, acrylic, and textile.

The main theme reflected through my artwork deals with diversity. Given the diverse landscape we live in, I see nature as a unifying theme because nature is something that everyone can appreciate and like art can be a unifying force in people's lives. This is especially significant now given the fracturing of our social fabric.

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